These women will be training to become actresses in our Playback Theatre Ensemble and workshop leaders for Together Beyond Words.

In the Middle East, there has not been Peace between Israelis and Palestinians for over sixty years. One core reason why this conflict has persisted for so long is that many of us are still carrying enormous pain from our past and present which is affecting the way we behave towards one another.

Because pain that is not transformed is transmitted we created a unique and innovative project designed to transform personal and historical pain and build a strong foundation for future peace.


  • Running a 140 hour, 9 month Together Beyond Words Playback Theatre course for 14 Arab Palestinian and Jewish women
  • 12 graduates of the program will create  an Arab Palestinian & Jewish Playback Theatre Ensemble
    • The Ensemble will perform and lead workshops throughout the country — 26 performance + workshop events for 2000 people in 2013 —  focused on transforming emotional pain and prejudice and the empowerment of women as peace leaders.

Approaches used:

The Together Beyond Words Approach uses both nonverbal and verbal interventions such as movement and body work, listening partnerships and inter-cultural dialogue. This combination seems to work extremely well in quickly breaking down barriers and creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Within this safe space old wounds can be healed, hidden strength recovered and emotional understanding and empathy enhanced.

Playback Theatre is created through a unique collaboration between performers and audience. It creates a space where any story – however ordinary, extraordinary, hidden or difficult – might be told, and immediately made into theatre. And where each person’s uniqueness is honored and affirmed while at the same time building and strengthening our connections to each other as a community of people. Thus it is used in diverse contexts for therapy, social change and education.[1]

Goal of Fundraising: to raise the necessary scholarship funds for women who would like to participate in the course and lack the financial resources

Full scholarship for one participant — $900

Partial Scholarship — $ 450

All support is appreciated.

“You ask me to speak. How shall I speak when I have been taught silence since birth? I have been taught silence in my parents’ house, in my own house; I have taught silence to my daughter. I have forgotten the sound of my voice. I have forgotten I have a voice.” Sylvia Margia